Historical Betting Trends in Pro Kabaddi League (PKL)

If you are familiar with the past betting patterns, then your chances of winning a bet on the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) will be higher. There are smart tips for betting in PKL by Lotus365, which is currently India’s best betting platform. By looking at previous performances and common trends and statistical analysis about this league through Lotus365 can enhance your gambling strategies leading to more wins. This blog looks into major historical betting trends in the PKL.

Dominance of Top Teams

Those who tend to create a good show every time:

Top Teams: Historically, teams like Patna Pirates, U Mumba, and Bengaluru Bulls have been consistent performers in the PKL. For instance, they have been firm choices when it comes to outright winner bets.

Championship Wins: Teams that win multiple championships such as Patna Pirates usually attract a lot of people who place their bets on them. It is possible to predict what may happen next depending on how these teams performed in their recent history.

Home Advantage:

The Impact Of Home Matches: Familiar surroundings enable teams to perform better so that there is strong fan support. Consequently, one can rely on this tendency while undertaking stakes concerning match results.

Example: In this case Jaipur Pink Panthers as well as Bengaluru Bulls have had good home performances so far hence one can confidently put money on them at home matches.

Player Performance Trends

Stars scoring more points:

Key Players: When it comes to raid points charts, there are raiders such as Pardeep Narwal, Rahul Chaudhari and Pawan Sehrawat who consistently top these lists. For example; some successful betters tend to stake high amount of money predicting who among raiders will earn most points either during matches or entire tournaments.

There Is A Certain Number Of Scorers Unchangingly Gaining Points And Their Names May Tell Of The Bets That Can Be Made In Terms Of Players Playing.

Defensive Strength:

Top Defenders: Such players as Manjeet Chhillar and Surjeet Singh have a reputation for their strong defensive performances. Among others, people are going to bet on most tackle points of these players.

Team Defense: Close matches tend to favor teams with good defenses. Look at team defense stats before betting on total points or match outcomes for profitable bets.

Betting Market Trends

Match Result (1X2):

Favorites vs. Underdogs: Betting on favorites in PKL matches can offer lower but safer returns. On the other hand, underdog wins also occur regularly, and by studying the circumstances during a game it is possible to find some upsets that could look almost impossible at first glance.

Example: Generally speaking when the best ranked teams meet lower ranked ones, favoring the favorite will be less risky while putting stake on an underdog would earn more in case recent improvement is noticed in bottom ranked teams.

Total Points (Over/Under):

Scoring Trends: Many of the PKL matches end up as high-scoring games. There is historical data that could point towards how many games are likely to go beyond certain total points levels.

Example: When Patna Pirates take Bengaluru Bulls in matches they usually result in high scoring totals hence over bets are recommended by odd makers between such raiding sides.

Handicap Betting:

Leveling the Field: Handicap betting allows for more balanced odds in matches with clear favorites. For those who intend to gamble this market may be worth considering because it offers better deals than any other part of betting.

Example: By doing so, one can place bets on a favorite team with a handicap which gives better odds without reducing chances of winning especially if it has won at least three goals ahead every match they played this season.

Analyzing Trends for Future Bets

Current Season Form:

Recent Performance: However, it is essential to consider the performance of the current season as opposed to blind obedience to historical trends. On the other hand, teams and players in better form are likely to continue performing well.

Injury Impact: As there could be injuries suffered by players or a change in team composition, players must monitor these factors so that they do not affect their betting records.

Head-to-Head Records:

Rivalries: Tactical superiority or psychological advantages are among reasons why certain teams persistently outperform others. There is information about team histories when these matches have been played between each other.

Example: Informed betting on future matches involving these teams can take into account U Mumba’s dominance over Tamil Thalaivas.


Tracing past wagering patterns in the Pro Kabaddi League is a good way to find out how much you could earn from your bet in the future. It will be possible to take more informed steps by concentrating on team performance, player statistics and trends of the betting market. Make sure you have obtained the Lotus365 sports betting app for a comprehensive and user-friendly betting experience. Lotus365 sports betting app, which has a variety of functionalities as well as competitive odds, guarantees an unparallelled gaming experience throughout India.

Clare Louise